Responsibility for the environment and society

As a global industrial service provider, we are helping to drive forward the global energy transition through the development and system integration of decarbonization projects.


Responsibility for the environment and society

As a global industrial service provider, we are helping to drive forward the global energy transition through the development and system integration of decarbonization projects.


The situation

Climate change

The climate targets agreed in Paris envisage climate neutrality by 2050. However, at current emission levels, the global carbon budget for 1.5°C is likely to be exceeded within this decade. However, efforts to slow climate change by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions face a key challenge:

  • Emissions from some of the largest emitters of GHGs into the atmosphere are the most difficult to reduce.
  • This applies to transportation sectors such as aviation and shipping as well as heavy industries such as the steel, cement/concrete and chemical industries.
  • The transition of these industries to climate-neutral energy sources must be tackled now and requires applicable solutions.

The challenge

Availability of green energy

Clean technologies in the energy sector and in a range of end applications have therefore become the first choice. The transition to renewable energy poses a number of challenges. In particular, this requires:

  • Large amounts of green energy sources, including in locations with underdeveloped grid infrastructure
  • Dealing with the generally intermittent supply of green energy in the context of continuous (load-inflexible) industrial processes
  • Bridging geographical distances between locations with efficient green energy production and locations with high energy demand
  • Interdisciplinary, innovative and decentralized solution concepts

One solution

Technology integration

A well thought-out interplay between different components of sustainable energy generation and their storage and transportation can offer solutions to the challenges of the energy transition:

  • Battery storage systems for grid stabilization and load balancing
  • Conversion of electricity into exportable chemical molecules such as hydrogen and hydrocarbons of different chain lengths and other "carbon-free products" such as ammonia
  • Use of load-flexible technologies for the production of hydrogen and its derivatives

Our contribution

Paving the way for projects

FERROSTAAL takes a holistic approach and supports its customers throughout the entire project development and technology integration process. This includes

  • Solution and implementation-oriented feasibility concepts
  • Selection of and access to pioneering technologies
  • Integration engineering and interface/usage management
  • Structuring of product conformity (e.g. Renewable Energy Directive - RED II)
  • Advice on access to European funding
  • Project implementation as owner engineer, EPCM, EPC or partner

Social responsibility

Respectful partnerships, equal opportunities

FERROSTAAL is aware of its responsibility towards employees, customers and business partners as well as towards society and the principles that underpin it. We respect the personal dignity of every individual and do not tolerate discrimination or disadvantage on the basis of gender, ethnic origin, disability, age, religion or ideology. Accordingly, FERROSTAAL is committed to human rights and international standards for the protection of employees.

Through its parent company Münchmeyer Petersen & Co., FERROSTAAL is also involved in the "Elbstiftung", which was set up in 2005 to assume long-term social responsibility in Hamburg. The aim of the foundation is to give young people access to good education and training, to promote their potential and to encourage their commitment.


FERROSTAAL Corporate Compliance -
Message from the company management

With integrity to success - our principles in business life

With its various business divisions, the FERROSTAAL Group is an internationally active company that can look back on a long tradition. Social responsibility towards our employees and business partners, customers and investors as well as the public has always been of great importance to us.

FERROSTAAL is therefore committed to the highest international standards of compliance and ethics in all its business activities. FERROSTAAL has an effective corporate compliance management system for this purpose, which is continuously being developed. Regular compliance training for employees and managers worldwide and a certified reporting channel for internal and external whistleblowers are an integral part of our compliance system.

At FERROSTAAL, we comply with the law at all times and everywhere, respect fundamental ethical values and act sustainably. Each of us who acts for or on behalf of the company, whether as an employee, consultant or independent sales representative, takes responsibility for this. In addition to complying with all legal regulations, industry standards and ethical guidelines, we ensure that integrity, transparency and accountability are always at the heart of our actions.

Our principles in business life at FERROSTAAL are summarized in the Code of Conduct for our employees and in the guideline "Business Partner Integrity - Your Conduct is our Conduct" for our business partners. They form the basis of our corporate culture, are the foundation for our business relationships and are essentially based on the core values of consistency, quality awareness, implementation strength and responsibility.

We live these values in our daily dealings with each other as well as in our cooperation with business partners and third parties.
Dr. John Benjamin Schroeder
Member of the Management Board of Ferrostaal Germany GmbH


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