Onshore Wind Farm Project, Uruguay

Wind Power

In Uruguay the primary energy demand is based on oil. Until 2015 Uruguay wants to make a move towards more renewable energy, especially towards wind energy.

Ferrostaal and juwi Wind jointly planned and developed a 50 MW onshore Wind Park regarding its siting, management,engineering tasks as well as financial structure. After the successful participation in the competitive bidding process of the national energy supply company UTE, in which the project received a Power Purchase Agreement, Ferrostaal sold its stake at the beginning of 2012. If the onshore Wind Park will be completed on an area of 150 hectares, it will produce about 200,000 megawatt hours of electricity per year.

The Melowind Onshore Wind Farm Greenfield Project meant an important shift towards Uruguay’s aimed goal.

Project:Onshore Wind Farm Project
CustomerUTE (UTE (Usinas y Transmisiones Eléctricas)
Cooperation:juwi Wind GmbH
CCC Machinery Uruguay Ltda.
Location:Arbolito, Uruguay
CapacityNominal output: 50 MW
Yearly output: 210 000 MWh
Provided Scope:Siting incl. wind measurements, land securing, TSA and EPC contractual management, authority engineering, financial structuring (equity and debt)
Est. Completion:2015