Ferrostaal onshore wind farm projects

Onshore wind is one of the most important renewables - a selection of onshore wind farms realised by Ferrostaal

At Ferrostaal, we believe that onshore wind farms are one of the most important renewable energy sources which have become a mainstream, competitive and reliable power technology. Technology improvements have continuously reduced wind energy costs, especially on land. Producing energy from onshore wind parks is typically more cost effective than generating electricity from offshore wind, gas, coal or fossil fuel power plants. Globally, progress continues to be strong, with more active countries and increasing annual installed wind capacity and investments.


Ferrostaal - The right partner for onshore wind farms, providing the whole value chain

As industrial service provider , Ferrostaal do developing of onshore wind farms right from the start including engineering, procurement and construction (EPC). In selected projects Ferrostaal is also engaged on the equity and project sponsor side as well as organizing the operation of the windfarm. Together with Ferrostaal Capital we are acting as Asset Manager over the hole lifetime of the windfarm. Our special engineering competence for renewables and our supplier-independent business approach enable tailor-made onshore solutions predicated on customer needs and a location-specific environment, due to Ferrostaal's global network with strong local presence. Ferrostaal's business activities are focused on developing and emerging markets, especially Latin America, South-East Asia and selected parts of Europe. In Asia, for example, Ferrostaal is realising the 52 MW Sainshand Mongolia wind park project. Furthermore Ferrostaal planned and developed the Melowind onshore wind farm project in Latin America supporting Uruguay's important step towards more renewable energy.

Onshore wind farm planning & development

Ferrostaal's services comprise all issues of onshore wind farm development and design, land negotiation, Environmental Impact Assessment, consultation and permitting. In order to deliver the approved project ready for financing and construction we endeavour to identify risks and opportunities at the earliest stage possible and manage costs and risks.

Ferrostaal offers the following planning & development services:

  • Prospecting and ranking
  • Temporary and detailed feasibility studies
  • Development management
  • Land agency services
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Preliminary electrical and civil design
  • Micrositing
  • Grid connection feasibility
  • Turbine selection

Technical services for onshore wind farms

Ferrostaal's years of experience in onshore wind farm development together with first class reputation for technical excellence allow us to provide access to industry leading technical knowledge, consultancy services and project focused advice. With our highly-skilled international team of experienced project developers, wind analysis and project engineering capacity, we provide a comprehensive range of technical services to wind parks, investors and developers.


Ferrostaal wind technical services:

  • Data management
  • Resource mapping and technical feasibility studies
  • Anemometry management
  • Complex terrain analysis
  • Site classification
  • Post-construction wind and performance analysis
  • Turbine layout & optimization
  • Finance-grade Energy Yield Analysis (EYA) reports

Onshore wind farm construction & geotechnical services

Ferrostaal provides support for pre-construction and construction phase of onshore wind farms as well as for finished projects up to the operations phase. Our services have assisted through various project stages with more than 2 GW of realized projects in the renewable energy industry.


Ferrostaal construction and geotechnical services:

  • Construction project management
  • Civil and Geotechnical Services
  • Health and Safety Services

Ferrostaal environmental services for onshore wind farms

Land-based wind parks are developed in remote locations requiring special ecology services to ensure minimal disruption to the environment. In order to meet the individual requirements of a site, project or area and to minimise all possible project risks our highly experienced team offers the following ecological Services:

  • Consenting support
  • Terrestrial ecology expertise
  • Ecological surveying and data collation
  • Statistical expertise, modeling & analysis
  • Project risk management
  • Construction & operation management plans

Due diligence

Ferrostaal provides real in-house expertise of the entire onshore wind farm development cycle at any stage of the renewables project. From greenfield to partially developed and operating renewable sites, Ferrostaal offers technical, commercial and environmental due diligence assessments. Our experience ranges from site prospecting and resource assessment, through design and consent on to construction management.

Together with our partners we can structure your Due Diligence process in regards to:

  • Legal
  • Tax
  • Environmental
  • Permitting
  • Financial
  • Construction

How onshore wind power is generated

The terms "onshore wind energy" and "onshore wind power" describe the process by which wind is used to generate mechanical power. Turbines deployed on land convert kinetic energy from the wind into electricity. Today's standard onshore wind turbines are three-bladed on a horizontal axis operating upwind. Wind turbines vary in size from 100 kilowatts to as large as several megawatts (MW). Larger wind turbines are more cost effective and are grouped together into onshore wind parks providing bulk power to the electrical grid. These sites may consist of several individual turbines and can cover an extended area of hundreds of square miles. Wind power unit installations in hilly or mountainous regions tend to be on ridgelines generally three kilometres or more inland from the nearest shoreline. Ideal locations have a near constant flow of non-turbulent wind throughout the year, with a minimum likelihood of sudden powerful bursts of wind. An important factor of turbine siting is also access to transmission lines to transport energy.

Advantages of an onshore wind power farm:

  • It is a renewable and unending source of power
  • It is a proven technology
  • It is cost efficient
  • It is quick to install