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Combined-cycle power plant: Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU)

Petrochemical Industry
Trinidad & Tobago

New combined-cycle power plant secures energy supply in Trinidad and Tobago


Sustainable Power from the Sun

In January 2009, Ferrostaal entered the power market in Trinidad with the award, in it`s favour of a major contract from Trinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU) for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of a combined-cycle power plant (6+2), generating 765 megawatts. Construction work on the 160,000-square-metre site commenced in mid 2009. The project was undertaken on a phased basis over a period of 30 months, an ambitious timeline for such a project. The total installed capacity of the power plant was successfully fed into the power grid.

Major increase in power generation, operational flexibility

At the time of the project the power plant, located in La Brea, increased Trinidad’s power generation by some 50 percent and , therefore, represented a major contribution to the energy security of the country. Trinidad and Tobago had developed a highly successful economy and had a prospering industrial sector. The new combined-cycle power plant in La Brea supported this growth and met the rising demand of electricity in the region.

The combined-cycle power plant at La Brea has a high degree of operational flexibility in order to cover the fluctuating demand of the power grid in Trinidad. With six gas turbines and two steam turbines it is able to operate in “open” (without steam turbines) or “combined” (with steam turbines) cycle. In order to fulfil the stringent environmental regulations within Trinidad and Tobago, an innovative, self contained air cooling system was constructed which renders any unnecessary sea water intakes. 

Petrochemicals and power industry: Ferrostaal is at home in Trinidad and Tobago

Ferrostaal has a history in Trinidad dating back over 25 years. Ferrostaal has acted as general contractor and co-investor in several major chemical plants in Trinidad. The company has established a very solid reputation in Trinidad and the region over the course this period. With the successful execution of several projects, Ferrostaal has built up an extensive local network of business partners. Ferrostaal’s commitment to local employment and training in projects for the petrochemical industry and the power industry to date makes a considerable contribution to the development of the region.

ProjectCombined cycle power plant
Type of contractEngineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)
Scope of supplies and servicesEPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning)
Plant capacity765 MW
CustomerTrinidad Generation Unlimited (TGU)
Country, CityTrinidad and Tobago
Volume705 million US$
Effective date of contract01/15/2009