Clear message from the Management

Success through integrity – our guiding principles for doing business

Together with its various Business Units, the Ferrostaal Group is an international company that can look back on a long and proud tradition. Social responsibility with respect to our employees and business partners, customers and investors and the general public, has always been and continues to be of great importance to us.

We, as "Ferrostaalers", shall at all times and in all places abide by the law, respect basic ethical values and act in a sustainable manner. Each and every one of us acting on behalf of the Company or in its name, whether as a direct employee of the Company, as a consultant or as an independent trade representative, takes on this responsibility.

Our guiding principles for doing business at Ferrostaal are summarised in the documents “Success through Integrity – Our Principles for Conducting Business”, for our employees, and in “Business Partner Integrity – Your Conduct is our Conduct”, for our business partners. They form the basis of our corporate culture and are the foundation for our business relationships. Observing these principles is essential to the Company's success. They are based largely on the fundamental values of fairness, reliability, authenticity, professionalism and entrepreneurship.

We live these values in the way we treat one another each day and when working together with our business partners and third parties.


Dr. John Benjamin Schroeder
Member of the Executive Board of Ferrostaal GmbH