Code of Conduct

We are committed to Integrity

It goes without saying that we in our Company ensure our compliance at all times with relevant laws in all countries where we operate. Entrepreneurial responsibility also includes above all an ethical dimension. The Code of Conduct enables us to document our conviction that we can only succeed as a Company if we operate with integrity. By acting with integrity we will safeguard the good reputation for our Company and justify the trust of our partners and the general public.

This Code of Conduct outlines the ethical legal framework governing our actions in the form of principles and rules. This is how we wish to behave towards each other and this is how we want to conduct business with our partners. We explicitly declare that we only stand for clean business, wherever and whenever we operate. Bribery and corruption not only violate applicable laws, they weaken a company's dynamics and ability for innovation. It is our firm conviction that setting up an uncompromising firewall against corruption provides us with a significant competitive advantage. For this reason we have integrated compliance structures within Ferrostaal which satisfy even the toughest international required standards, such as the UK Bribery Act.

The rules of the Code of Conduct apply for every Ferrostaal employee - without exception. The Code of Conduct is not a declaration of intent, but a binding agreement. It is not a one-way street. The Code of Conduct imposes duties on all employees, but it also protects them. All other guidelines of Ferrostaal also derive from the Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct thus constitutes the primary principles underlying the whole of Ferrostaal. Therefore our request applies for all of us: Let us all actively ensure that the Code of Conduct is a practiced reality in the Company's day-to-day business.