Business Partner Integrity

Your Conduct is our Conduct

All actions of Ferrostaal staff members are based upon our fundamental values. We live these values - in our day-to-day dealings with each other as well as in cooperating with our business partners such as project partners, suppliers, agents, consultants, solicitors and other service providers acting for or on behalf of the Ferrostaal GmbH or one of its subsidiaries. We expect them to accept these with regard to their employees as well as to third parties as their own values - only then can we ensure sustainability.

Our Fundamental Values

  • Fairness in dealing with employees and business partners.
  • Reliability Ferrostaal's employees and business partners can put their trust in the statements of the company.
  • Authenticity Ferrostaalers act in accordance with these fundamental values.
  • Professionalism Ferrostaalers enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities in their assignments for staff and business partners of Ferrostaal.
  • Entrepreneurship Ferrostaalers identify business opportunities and develop them responsibly.


Any violation of the principles and requirements laid down herein will be regarded as a substantial impairment of the contract by the business partner. When suspecting non-compliance with this “Business Partner Integrity“ (e.g. induced by negative media reports), Ferrostaal will request information on the corresponding facts. Ferrostaal reserves the right to terminate, extraordinarily and without notice, any or all contractual relations with such business partners that verifiably violate the principles set out herein without taking measures for improvement after a reasonable period of time set by Ferrostaal has elapsed.