Intergrafica Print & Pack

Sales and service for printing machines with structured export financing

Intergrafica Print & Pack GmbH is a leading, worldwide and manufacturer-independent sales and service partner for single machines and machine lines in the graphic arts sector. With more than 50 years of experience, Intergrafica Print & Pack finds the ideal solution for the customer's printing requirements and offers extensive services in the areas of project handling, export financing, delivery, commissioning, spare parts and maintenance.

Sales and service partner for printing machines

Intergrafica Print & Pack is at home in the world's printing markets. Its worldwide sales and service network make it the ideal sales partner for printing machines and machine lines, from pre-press, printing and further processing to packaging, bookbinding and labelling. As a full-service provider and consultant, the company also offers financing solutions, integrated concepts and numerous services such as customer service, training, technical support and spare parts management. The concepts applied are always individually tailored to the customer's needs, providing the customer with the best, most cost-effective system for optimisation of workflows.

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