About Ferrostaal

Turning Ideas into Reality: Industrial Service Provider with Industrial Expertise and Financing Competence

Ferrostaal is a technology-independent, multi-vendor and supplier-independent provider of industrial services with operations worldwide. We provide industrial services worldwide from a single source. Our clients and partners profit from the overall strength of the Ferrostaal Group and our international presence. Around 200 employees provide the on-location ties that link our industrial expertise and financing competence to our clients.

Ferrostaal: From Project Development up to and including the overall implementation of Industrial Plants

As a project developer for industrial plants, the company operates in the areas of petrochemicals, wind energy, lighting solutions, oil & gas and other select industries. We have at our disposal decades of experience in project development, financing and industrial plant construction and have compiled a host of international references of industrial plants of all sizes. It is here that Ferrostaal pursues a holistic approach standing by its clients through the entire process of project development – going from initial conception, feasibility studies all the way to the selection of suitable partners, technologies, and including potential involvement in project partnerships and financial closure. As so-called "Owner’s Engineer" we stand at our client’s side and ensure that the industrial plants are completed on time and on budget. As part of our service portfolio as an Industrial Service Provider, we also take on EPC packages or the function of General Contractor for the building or maintaining of new or existing industrial facilities in the areas of petrochemicals, wind energy, lighting solutions, as well as oil & gas and other select industries.

Ferrostaal Industrial Projects GmbH (Petrochemicals, Wind Energy, Lighting Solutions and select Industrial Plants)

Ferrostaal Oil & Gas (select Industrial Plants)