Ferrostaal Compliance Programme

Prevent – Detect – Respond ensures above-board business

Only clean and unassailable business is Ferrostaal business. Our claim: We want to belong to the “Best Class in Compliance and Integrity” in our industry. With a comprehensive Compliance Programme in our worldwide organisation, we will achieve this.

The Ferrostaal Compliance Programme

Compliance is about acting in accordance with the rules that govern our behaviour. These rules can be externally imposed through laws or regulations, or internally defined through policies, procedures and controls.


A set of rules defines clear instructions regarding how our executives and employees should behave. These requirements are conveyed to the employees and integrated directly into our business processes through worldwide information and communication programmes and regular training courses. Measures such as Global Financial and Anti Corruption Controls specifically avoid respectively minimize systematic compliance infringements. An internal Compliance Service Point gives guidance on invitations, gifts, sponsoring and provides contacts to compliance experts.


Compliance is an integral part of our corporate culture. Instruments such as compliance controls, audits and reviews ensure that implementation of the Compliance Programme and compliance with the guidelines is monitored. This enables individual misconduct to be detected quickly, examined in detail and clarified totally.


Clear and visible consequences are necessary to stop and prevent possible breaches of the rules and instances of business malpractice from the outset. The systematic evaluation and documenting of investigations plus the reporting to the management enable to enhance processes and to help to continually strengthen the Compliance Programme and to cultivate an open and transparent corporate culture.

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